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Aug 18 2012

We’re Going to Triple Tree

20120818-080748.jpgMy wife and I discussed it, and have agreed to make our first-ever trip to the Triple Tree Fly-In. We will be arriving by car with the kids in tow on Friday evening, September 7th, and taking in all this 440-acre site has to offer.

This will be our first camping trip together, and first for both of the kids. We’re in acquisition mode, stockpiling all the camping essentials: tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, camp stove, etc.

If anyone has been to Triple Tree and can offer any tips, I’m all ears. We have no idea what to expect.

The Triple Tree website is

The event, now in it’s sixth year, runs September 5-9. From the website,

“Triple Tree is commonly referred to as “The Augusta National of Aviation”. This is because from the beginning of its creation over 11 years ago, Triple Tree was built to pay particular attention to even the smallest detail. From the golf course like grass to the granite equipped bathhouses, there’s been nothing left to chance to ensure that both pilots AND their passengers are comfortable and experience an outdoor aviation venue like no other in the world.”

See you there!

Aug 18 2012

INOP Lives

20120818-074142.jpgI drove my old truck for the first time in months yesterday. I had to run some errands that I’ve been putting off, and it was time to stop delaying the inevitable. We had a clogged gutter that needed to be repaired, and I had some toys to pick up from a friend.

The new battery I installed in early spring was completely dead, so the first step to getting on the road was to roll the truck around to the driveway and use the jumper cables to get some juice in the battery. INOP always rolls with jumper cables.

While the Civic, GREVIL, was doing charging duty, I topped off INOP’s coolant and oil. About a quart each. After that was done, she fired right up and ran like Swiss watch… That’s really beat up. Like, run over by a tank.

I put air in the lowest tire, mounted Echo Mike’s carseat, and off we went.

20120818-074205.jpgWe put about 100 miles on the old truck yesterday, picked up a scooter, a couple of engines for upcoming go-cart projects, and a loaner 24′ ladder for the aforementioned gutter. I guess all the excitement was a little much for the kiddo, as she was passed out before we returned home for dinner. It’s been a long time since she and I made a trip in the truck, and it was really sweet watching her fall asleep like she did when she was a baby.

INOP is coming up for state safety inspection next month. It’s definitely going to need new tires before then if I expect it to pass. Add another item to the to-do list…

Aug 15 2012

SAA Website Now Live


The Sport Aviation Association’s website is now available at

Please spread the word about this grassroots organization. Let’s work together to promote back to basics affordable aviation, and show people that aviation is for everyone.

Aug 13 2012

Get Listed

learntoflyhere150x150We’d love to add your information here to help prospective students find an instructor or tailwheel aircraft to rent in their area.  All we ask is that you include as much of the information below as is applicable to your operation.  As the list grows, we’ll organize it into a searchable database.  But for now, it’s K.I.S.S. all the way.

Copy and paste the information below into an email, and send it to us by clicking HERE.  We’ll get your info up and on the site as fast as we can.

Please include a photo of you, your plane, your logo, or something that represents your operation that we can include in your listing.

City, State:
Airport Name and Identifier:
Aircraft Types available for Rental/Instruction:
Rental Rates:
Instruction Rates:
Solo Rentals Available (Yes or No):
Additional Information (CFI experience, special training types, what makes your operation different):
Don’t Forget a Photo!!!

Drop us a line anytime:

Aug 13 2012

SticknRudder, LLC

learntoflyhere150x150SticknRudder, LLC
Instructor: Nick Lather
Location: Ohio University Airport-Snyder Field, Athens, OH (KUNI)
Telephone: (740) 707-3578
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Instruction Rates: $50/hr

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: CFII that loves tail wheel training. 5,500hr corporate pilot that prefers fabric!

Aug 13 2012

Oscar One, LLC

Oscar One, LLC
Instructor Name: Mike Weinfurter
Location: Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport, Rhinelander, WI (KRHI)
(Do travel to train if necessary)
Telephone: (715) 493-0146
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: N/A

Instruction Rates: $50.00 per hour, flight or ground. If I travel to teach, the cost is $50.00 per hour plus expenses based on distance away.
Additional Information: I teach in all types of conventional gear (Tailwheel) aircraft. I also conduct float and ski training as appropriate for the time of year. Either get yourself and the aircraft to me or me to you and the aircraft. I also ferry aircraft. 2-4 place, tandem or side by side doesn’t matter. Over 14,000 hours of experience. Old or new t/w a/c doesn’t matter. Currently a CFI nationwide with The Int’l Birddog Assn as well.

Aug 12 2012

Join the Sport Aviation Association

If you have an interest in grass roots aviation, homebuilding, and the type of low-key events that defined the early years of EAA, then the Sport Aviation Association might very well be a good fit for you.  But that’s just my opinion.

I met Ed Fisher and his wife, Val, at Oshkosh last month, and agree with their vision of a back-to-basics organization dedicated to promoting affordable, grass roots flying.

I’m a member, and I hope you’ll be a member, too.

The text below is from the SAA Membership Form.  Click the link below, or the image to the right, to read the complete form and print out a copy.

Membership form:

The Sport Aviation Association is an organization founded by Paul H. Poberezny to help maintain what we know as grass roots aviation.  Before you read further, it is important that you know and understand that we are NOT in competition with EAA.  We want to complement EAA’s efforts and help retain  the heritage of the amateur aircraft builder.  Our mission is not political – it is simply to encourage the fun, fellowship, and camaraderie that is so special and unique to aviation.


Aug 10 2012

Duane Cole’s First Solo

20120810-092250.jpg“…Finally, more than 20 months after that first lesson in Phoenix, I soloed. On the afternoon of September 9, after one of my landings Ed Weisbruch turned and asked if I would like to go around by myself. Excluding the birth of my first son, that solo flight provided the greatest thrill of my life.

All who have made their first flight in a Cub remember how extremely long the cabin looked and how far it was to the propeller with their instructor no longer in the front seat. They also remember their first look at the instrument panel and how quickly the airplane leaped off the ground and climbed to pattern altitude.

Above all, I remember my uncontrollable display of emotion. The intense thrill of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a twenty year obsession had me grinning from ear to ear as I brought the airplane back to earth and opened the door to accept my instructor’s congratulations.”

-Duane Cole
“The Flying Coles”

Aug 10 2012

Founder’s Wing

20120810-052430.jpgPaul Poberezny has the best sticker collection. Ever.

The Founder’s Wing at the EAA museum in Oshkosh is really a fantastic addition to an already excellent collection of displays. To be able to see where the EAA started, and read about the growth of the organization from the man behind it is just fascinating.

Many people are unhappy with “the current direction” of the EAA. I’ve heard rumors that Paul doesn’t like it, either. Folks, if you want to be reminded of all the positive things that the early years of EAA accomplished, and the tangible contributions it’s members made to sport aviation, just take a stroll through the EAA museum. Paul deserves a lot of thanks for what he started back in 1953.

Aug 08 2012

Where the F&*$ are we?

[ED – The following is from WBOY News, in Clarksburg, WV.  Credit where credit is due…]

Silver Airlines Plane Makes Unscheduled Landing at Fairmont Municipal Airport

Posted: Aug 08, 2012 10:35 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 08, 2012 11:17 AM EDT

By Chris Marrs, Video Journalist – bio | email

An apparent airline pilot error has left a Silver Airlines plane stranded at a small airport in Fairmont Wednesday morning.

Marion County Airport Authority President Tom Mainella said that the pilot of a Saab 340 Turbo Prop airplane thought he was landing in Clarksburg, when he touched down at the Fairmont Municipal Airport-Frankman Field around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The twin engine airplane weighs 22,000 pounds while the runway is only rated for 12,500 pounds.

Mainella said the airline plans to lighten the plane by pulling out all the seats and perform a short field take off under cooler temperatures.

Plans are still underway for Silver Airlines to hold its inaugural flight at the North Central West Virginia Airport in Bridgeport Wednesday.

Click HERE for more pics on the WBOY website

Aug 08 2012

Mong Sport Biplane

20120808-094816.jpgI sent the check out to Ed Fisher at Raceair Designs this week for a set of Mong Sport plans. I can’t say I’ll build one, but the version pictured here sure is pretty. This is N98L “Mongrel” as built by Ed. It has a longer fuselage than the original plans show, and is powered by a Continental A-65. Sounds good to me.

I showed the picture to my four year old, and she said she didn’t like it.  When I asked her why, she said, “It only has one seat.  Where will I sit?”.

If you have experience with the Mong design, or any insights into performance and handling, I’d like to hear from you. Feel free to respond in the comments box below.


Aug 08 2012

Adding CFI’s…

Learn To Fly HereI’m in the process of migrating all of the Tailwheel CFI’s from the old site to the new site.  It’s a slow process, and I’m not 100% satisfied with the new layout.  I need to look for a different way to display the information on the pages for each state.  It’s getting there, and any progress is good progress.

It’s been a year since I last put any real effort into the site, and I have several new CFI’s to add.  I promise I’ll get to you all as time goes on.

I received some nice feedback from one of the CFI’s listed on the old page last week.  He has been getting a good response from his listing on the old site, and I feel very proud to be able to offer this service.

A good number of the Taildraggers, Inc. monthly hits are people searching Google and other engines for “Tailwheel CFI”.  There is clearly a demand for both the listings I do, and the instruction YOU do.  Thank you to all the CFI’s out there who still teach grassroots flying, and continue to pass along the passion for flying taildraggers.

Aug 08 2012

Skyhoppers Aerial Adventures

learntoflyhere150x150Skyhoppers Aerial Adventures
Instructor: Andrew Dilworth
Location: Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA (KRHV)
Telephone: (800) 515-4225
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Cessna 180K Skywagon II, 230hp.

Rental Rates: $190/hr

Instruction Rates: $85/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Accompanied flights available for per diem only, for qualifying pilots.

Additional Information: Andrew Dilworth of SkyHoppers Aerial Adventures is a career CFI operating the only Cessna 180 for dual instruction and accompanied long-distance flights in the lower 48 U.S. We also offer private flight training excursions into Baja, the inter-mountain west, and the Caribbean.

Aug 08 2012

Fly The Wing

garrywingFly The Wing Flight Training
Instructor: Garry Wing
Location: Gillespie Field Airport, San  Diego / El Cajon, CA (KSEE)
Telephone: (619) 512-3080
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Decathlon 8KCAB

Rental Rates: $125/hr wet

Instruction Rates: $65/hr Flight and Ground

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: 40-years flying experience. Structured syllabus & lesson plans. I include in-flight HD video/audio recording of each flight lesson so you can re-live all the excitement from the comfort of your easy chair.

Aug 08 2012

Anouck Le Bris, CFI

learntoflyhere150x150Anouck Le Bris, CFI
Instructor: Anouck Le Bris
Location: San Luis County Regional Airport, San Luis Obispo, CA (KSBP)
Telephone: (831) 524-0644
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Additional Information: Learn to fly in France in old biplane and low wings tailwheel aircraft.  Became an instructor in the U.S. and taught primary training in tailwheel aircraft for four years (Citabria, Decathlon, Cessna 180, TravelAir 4000, Cessna195) before heading to other jobs.  Currently flying an Airtanker in fire suppression missions for the State of California.  Love taildraggers, and always looking forward to fly them.

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