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Oct 29 2012

Video :: Helicopter Fishing

Don’t watch it if you don’t like bad words.  Dude drops the f-bomb like it’s going out of style.

It’s nice to see people still smoke when they fly, too.


Oct 22 2012

To Buy or Not to Buy


I’ve been temped lately with the idea of buying a derelict project. Something inexpensive to acquire, simple to repair, and affordable to operate. It’s a tough sell from the perspective that my garage is already crammed full of other crap. From the lawn mower to left over yard sale stuff, I’m running out of space.

On the other hand, a fully built airframe only needing light restoration would be a great place to start. I will eventually build from scratch, but I can only see that as a long process with two kids to look after. Purchasing an airframe someone else has already built and flown seems a faster track to a summer of flying to me.

For those of you out there who have bought and spruced up, how did the process go? Was it everything you hoped, or am I being overly optimistic?

If you have a project you’d like to be rid of, let me know. I’m in Northern Virginia, and am easily tempted.


Oct 15 2012

Another Flight School Added! WEF 1210160035

Silver Wings Flying CompanyLast week, we added two schools.  One with a Citabria, and another with a Cub, Taylorcraft, and Stinson.  Up this week is a school with a Cub and a….  ***drumroll*** …Stearman!

Go check out Silver Wings Flying Company, and tell ’em Taildraggers, Inc. sent you.

Link: Silver Wings Flying Company, LLC

As always, if you’re a CFI who practices the dark art of taildraggin’, or run a flight school with a proper airplane on the line, let us know about what you’re doing so we can add you to the directory, too.  It’s free, and it’s good for your business.  A large majority of the hits we get here are for searches for “tailwheel CFI”.  Might as well get a piece of that action.

Taildraggers, Inc. CFI / Flight School Directory

How to get listed

Oct 15 2012

Silver Wings Flying Company, LLC

Silver Wings Flying CompanySilver Wings Flying Company, LLC
Instructors: Michael Rutledge, Carter Teeters, Richard Smith
Location: Olympia Regional Airport, Olympia, WA (KOLM)
Telephone: Cell (360) 485-7207 / (360) 264-5278
Email: Click Here to Send a Message
Aircraft: 1945 J-3 Cub (100hp), 1942 N2S-3 Stearman
Rental Rates: Cub ($105/hr), Stearman ($300/hr)
Instruction Rates: $50/hour
Solo Rentals Available: No
Additional Information: We specialize in tailwheel!  Between our three instructors we have thousands of hours experiences in everything from Cubs, to AT-6s, and DC-3s to P-51s and everything in between. We can take you from your initial tailwheel endorsement, to basic aerobatics, spin training, and even teach you to qualify for a F.A.S.T. (Formation And Safety Team) rating that will allow you to fly formation in waivered (airshow) airspace.

We can complete flight reviews and train in our aircraft our yours. Check out our website for details and limitations.

Oct 15 2012

The Highlander (Super STOL) Smackdown :: Ohio Bush Planes

The Highlander (Super STOL) Smackdown :: Ohio Bush Planes from Greg Swingle on Vimeo.

Where’s my checkbook?

FMI: Ohio Bush Planes
FMI: Just Aircraft (order a kit…  and one for me)

Oct 13 2012

More CFI’s Added WEF 1210131919

Shine Aviation, LLCHooray!  More places for YOU to get your tailwheel on!!!

If you’re in Texas or Florida, check out our two newest CFI listings.  Give them all your money, and tell ’em Taildraggers, Inc. sent you!

Shine Aviation, LLC :: Palm Beach County Park Airport, West Palm Beach, FL (KLNA)

Texas Tailwheel Flight Training :: Boerne Stage Airfield, San Antonio, TX (5C1)


Want to get listed?  Find out how by clicking HERE.  We don’t charge to list, and don’t even ask for a cut.  All we want is to further the love of the art.

Oct 13 2012

Shine Aviation LLC

Shine Aviation LLC
Instructor: Dylan P. Shine
Location: Palm Beach County Park Airport, West Palm Beach, FL (KLNA)
Telephone: (561) 316-7655
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Bellanca Citabria 7ECA

Rental Rates: $125/hr

Instruction Rates: $50/hr

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: Tailwheel Endorsements, Upset Recovery Training, Basic Aerobatic Flights…all with South Florida’s great ocean scenery. The airplane is beautifully restored, the instructor is an ATP / full time Learjet pilot

Oct 13 2012

Texas Tailwheel Flight Training

Texas Tailwheel Flight Training
Instructor: Ryan Short
Location: Boerne Stage Airfield, San Antonio, TX (5C1) (we also will train at nearly any airport in range)
Telephone: (210) 902-0372
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Piper J3C-65, Taylorcraft L-2, Stinson L-5

Rental Rates: $75/hr and up

Instruction Rates: $50/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Yes

Additional Information: Ryan has given over 350 hours of tailwheel dual in the past two years and has over 500 total tailwheel time and over 2000 hours total time. He’s a younger, enthusiastic tailwheel instructor who enjoys primary flight training with an emphasis on stick and rudder skills. He has time in at least 18 different tailwheel types including experimental aircraft and biplanes. He’s also likely lightweight enough to fit in your LSA!

Oct 13 2012

Pilots Wanted :: Royal Navy Stinson AT-19 Reliant


Royal Navy 605 Stinson AT-19 ReliantRoyal Navy 605 Stinson AT-19 Reliant

Good morning!

I just found your very interesting web site and instantly had to link it to our web site, right on the home page. I hope you don’t mind – but what you’re doing is so good and so interesting that it deserves to be featured wherever it can.

Anyhow, attached are a few photos of our Stinson AT-19 Reliant, based at Moore County Airport in Pinehurst, NC. We call her “Royal Navy 605” and she’s a genuine war-hero – flew in WWII in the UK and in India. Somehow she made it through the war and, even more amazingly, she made it back to the USA. She’s been part of the Carolinas Wing of the CAF now for more than 20 years, but our cluster of pilots is getting older, and fewer in number.

We need pilots, good stick-and-rudder people, but people who also have the ability to communicate the fun and adventure of flying.   I hope you can help me.

Royal Navy 605 has 300 horsepower under the cowling, but is so “draggy” that 125mph is about all she can do. She flies like a dream but is a bitch to land, especially in crosswinds. She carries four hours of fuel but only three hours of oil – you wonder what the guys at Stinson were thinking, hmmm? Her panel is 80-90% original or at least the proper vintage. And, even though she’s a four-seater, she’s monumental in size, a mini-airliner — notice the ladder hanging from the side of the plane, to help pilots and passengers climb inside.

Royal Navy isn’t glamorous but played her part in that long-ago war; it’s a good story to tell. In 2013 we hope to participate in 10-15 of the smaller air shows in the Southeast. We hope to attract school kids and inspire them with the story of the plane and about science, engineering and flying in general. If you have any readers who might want to help, particular ones who live in the southeast, we’re EAGER to meet them.

Our web site is

If you would like to use these photos, go right ahead.

I hope to hear from you soon…

Best regards,

Mike Jones

Carolinas Wing of the Commemorative Air Force

Looking to fly a true vintage aircraft?  Contact Mike at the website above.

Oct 08 2012

Gangnam Style

Why?  Because it’s my blog, that’s why.  Don’t deny yourself PSY’s Gangnam Style.  Just love it.