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Feb 28 2013

Time to Reconsider TFR’s

When a visit by one person puts hundreds out of work, even for a day, one has to wonder if the visit is truly worth the trouble it causes.

TFR’s are a thorn in the side of aviation, freedom, and what I’ve always valued about living in the United States of America.

Jamie Beckett of General Aviation News does a much better job than I could of explaining some of the impacts a TFR has on aviation and aviation businesses. He makes a good argument that perhaps it’s time to reconsider the existence of TFR’s as a whole.

Read Jamie’s full article here: Is it time to re-think TFRs?

Personally, I say no more TFR’s.

What do you think? Join the conversation over at General Aviation News, or add your comment below.



Feb 28 2013

More CFI’s Added to the Directory!

Hey, hey, hey!!! Two new CFI’s added to the Taildraggers, Inc. CFI / Flight School Di-rec-to-ray!

Folks, please support your local CFI. These fine ladies and gentlemen work hard for your business, all to promote and share a passion for aviation. Alright, enough babbling from me, here’s the scoop:

Red Stewart Aircraft Services :: Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, OH (40I)

Ward Powell :: Bulverde Airport, San Antonio, TX (1T8)

As always, we encourage ALL tailwheel-friendly CFI’s and Flight Schools to get listed here on Taildraggers, Inc. We receive nearly 1,000 hits per month for people searching for tailwheel CFI’s all over the U.S.A. You should be getting those customers!!! Follow the links below to see the directory, and learn how to get listed.

Taildraggers, Inc. CFI / Flight School Directory

How to get listed


Feb 28 2013

Ward Powell, CFI

learntoflyhere150x150Ward Powell, CFI
Location: Bulverde Airport, San Antonio, TX (1T8)
Telephone: (210) 863-9153
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Decathlon

Rental Rates: $150/hr Dual

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: CFII,MEI 17000 hrsTT

Feb 28 2013

Red Stewart Aircraft Services

Red Stewart Aircraft Services
Location: Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, OH (40I)
Telephone: (513) 897-7717

Aircraft: Piper Cub, Aeronca Champ, Citabria, C-172, C-150, others.

Rental Rates: $66/hr for the Cub.

Instruction Rates: $30/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Yes, but with restrictions: 10KT Wind Limit and no landings except at 40I. Their tricycle planes are not subject to these restrictions.

Additional Information: The CFIs are highly experienced. Aerobatic and glider training is available. All Cincinnati-area CFIs get their spin training here.

Taildraggers, Inc. Editorial Note:  Be sure to “Like” Red Stewart Airfield on Facebook.  They have some great content on Facebook.  Link:

Feb 25 2013

Harlem Shake :: Ohio Bush Planes

If you’re not familiar with the Harlem Shake, google it. Then spend the next hour watching videos on YouTube.


Feb 08 2013

Ballet in the Blue

Art Scholl.

‘nuf said.


Feb 05 2013

The Home Depot Airplane

Fast forward to the 2:00 mark.

I give the guy full credit for ingenuity and willingness to step outside the realm of “proven” techniques and materials. However, I hope he seeks assistance before he tries to fly his creation.

If you good folks out there in Internet-land want to build an airplane, I recommend you:

1. Look into the EAA
2. Join an active local EAA chapter and make friends
3. Buy the Tony Bingelis books on sportplane construction
4. Build using proven methods, using appropriate materials.

The above are just a starting point. Don’t be discouraged. Just be careful.


Feb 04 2013

I Bought Another Project

What a Quickie is supposed to look like. This one has a Rotax 503(?) for power instead of the original Onan.

***UPDATE 4/3/15 -The Quickie project is SOLD!!!***

Sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up.  Such was the case with my latest acquisition.

I search Craigslist pretty much every day looking for anything aviation related for sale.  I’m hooked.  Last week I saw a post for a “Quickie Sport Plane” and gave it a click.  I really expected the post was for an R/C model, not a full scale Quickie.  Quickies are pretty rare, and finding one locally on Craigslist just didn’t seem likely.  I shot an email to the poster and was told that it was, indeed, a full scale airplane project, and no, the price wasn’t a misprint.  So I bought it.  Simple as that.

As you may very well know, I already have an aircraft project.  My Baby Ace is resting comfortably in the garage while I prepare to recover/restore it.  That’s my primary focus, and will remain that way until it’s complete.  The Quickie is safely stored up in the rafters of a friend’s shop, and will stay stored away until the Ace is done.

The Quickie was started back in 1981 by Steve Webster.  He built a good portion of the fuselage and rear wing before stopping work in about 1984.  The Quickie was stored in the his garage and attic until I bought it in 2013.  Let’s just round it off to 30 years of hibernation.

Included in the purchase were the original Onan 18hp engine, instruments, foam and fiberglass for the remaining parts, wheels, tires, prop, etc.  Pretty much everything needed to complete the airplane with the exception of resin and finishing materials.

Pics of my Quickie project have been posted on my Instagram page.

I’ve started a page for Quickie updates, but don’t expect there to be many posts for a while.  I’ve got a pretty full plate with the Baby Ace.