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Mar 27 2013

Preston Aviation, LLC

IMG_0064Preston Aviation, LLC
Instructor: Tim Preston
Office Mgr & Boss: Peggy Preston
Mascot: Rocket Dog
Location: Winter Haven’t Gilbert Airport, Winter Haven, FL (KGIF)
Telephone: (863) 956-2526
Email: Click Here to Send a Message
Website: or

Aircraft: 1941 Boeing PT-17 Stearman and 1946 Piper J3 Cub

Instruction Rates: Stearman: $360/hr Dual
J3 Cub: $150/hr Dual

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: Stearman Flight School.  Specializing in tailwheel instruction  for 20 years.  Established Preston Aviation in 1994.  Tim has over 12,000, the majority instructing in TW aircraft.  We love what we do!

Mar 27 2013

Dylan Aviation, Inc.

dylanDylan Aviation, Inc.
Instructor: Jim Alsip, Master CFI-Aerobatic
Location: Indiantown Airport, Indiantown, FL (X58)
Telephone: (772) 485-6761
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Super Decathlon (8KCAB)

Rental Rates: See Below

Instruction Rates: Dual instruction only. All lessons $220 each.
The following courses are offered as five lesson blocks of instruction:
Tailwheel Training flying the way it was once taught – flying for fun – flying the airplane.
The Emergency Maneuvers Course is for every pilot.  You will react the way you train.
Spin And Upset Training is a “hoot”.
Aerobatic Training is the most fun you can have in an airplane!

Additional Information: Personalized, syllabus based, dual instruction with a Master CFI-Aerobatic in a Super Decathlon. Take off and land from the longest grass runway in the U.S.A. Relax in Florida’s fantastic weather, and experience “old south” hospitality at the historic and charmingly restored Seminole Inn.

Centrally located in S.E. Florida, Indiantown is 30 minutes from West Palm Beach, one hour from Fort Lauderdale, and only 2 hours from the Space Center, Miami Beach or the Orlando attractions.

Visit Jim’s website to learn more about the courses offered and check out Jim’s popular book Flying the Tailwheel Airplane and  his Key Points DVDs.

Mar 27 2013

Akro Aircraft Sales & Flight Inc.

learntoflyhere150x150Akro Aircraft Sales & Flight Inc.
Instructor: Ray Dyson
Location: Indian River Aerodrome, Vero Beach, FL (FL74)
Telephone: (772) 201-1816
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Instruction Rates: Personal Aircraft or Ray’s Super Cub: $100/hr, Extra 300L Aerobatic Instruction $275

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information:  With over 40 years and nearly 30,000 hours in conventional gear airplanes, Ray Dyson has become a master of a dying art. In the age of jet engines, electronic displays, and tricycle gear design, a wealth of knowledge, and the romance of aviation past, is being lost. Through his company Akro Aircraft Sales & Flight Inc., Ray aspires to inspire a new generation of aviators by sharing his years flying in radial engines, bi-planes, agricultural spray planes, conventional gear and high performance acrobatic airplanes.  As a Certified Flight Instructor, Ray offers intermediate to advanced instruction in conventional gear and acrobatic aircraft. If it has a tailwheel, then Ray has probably flown it.

Mar 27 2013

Real World Flight Training

learntoflyhere150x150Real World Flight Training
Instructor: Michael Maya Charles
Location: Erie Municipal Airport, Erie, CO (KEIK)
Telephone: (303) 604-0746
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Customer Aircraft Only

Instruction Rates: $75/hr

Additional Information: Master CFI, 38 years of instructing, several thousand hours of tailwheel experience in a wide variety of aircraft. Owner of several tailwheel aircraft, including Cub and C-180/185. See complete CV on our site:

Mar 24 2013

Duane Cole :: Video

This… This is, this is just, just, wow.

There are virtually no videos of Duane Cole on today’s social media. But now there’s this one.

Brought to you by Eric Minnis of Bully Aero, given to him by Paul Poberezney.

I’m proud to share it with you here.

Thank you Eric, Paul, and Duane. Thank you.


Mar 18 2013

Video :: Urban Wingsuit Flying

Split the gap.


Mar 04 2013

This is the Stuff.

Nothing in the whole world is more important than this right here.