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Jul 27 2013

John Denver’s Skybolt

Is For Sale!!!  This is NOT my ad, I lifted this from Barnstormers.  I hope Mr. Keil doesn’t mind some free advertising!


Formerly owned by John Denver with documentation! N56JD was flown in the video “The Higher We Fly” and another EAA promotional video. Mid-time IO540 Lycoming. Hartzell compact 100HR since overhaul. Transponder, Terra radio, intercom. Has tall landing gear for better ground handling. Has the original wild 4-color paint scheme including the 30 stars. Includes spare set of wings NR with ailerons. No trades. Aircraft is presently flying. N56JD is located in Naples, Florida at APF. Looking for offers of 50K+. Serious inquiries only call Dick at 239-298-1200. •

Contact R. E. Keil, Owner – located Naples, FL USA • Telephone: 239 298 1200 • Posted July 24, 2013

Jul 23 2013

For Sale: 1970’s Vintage Steen Skybolt Fuel Tank

tank1This tank was purchased  new in the early 70’s, and has been stored ever since.  It’s “new”, but has some light surface corrosion.  The inside of the tank is shiny and clean.

This tank is different from the tank that Steen sells now.  The new tank has baffles and some other changes.  The new tank is also $949.

I’m asking $600 for this tank, but will consider offers.  Will also consider trades, specifically for parts I can use on my Baby Ace.  I am looking for wheel pants, a nice prop from Sensenich or Cloud Cars, aluminum cowl parts, Cub exhaust system, etc, etc, etc.

Local pickup in Front Royal, VA.  I’m happy to meet at a mutually agreeable location for the right deal, of course.

Shoot me an email if you could use this tank!



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Jul 13 2013

Mississippi Delta Crop Duster Pilot

Mississippi Delta Crop Duster Pilot from Don Guy on Vimeo.

Turn your volume up loud enough that you can hear him talk.  What a great video.

Thanks to John Graham, Marginal Aviation, and Lee Bottom Flying Field for sharing this on Facebook for the rest of us to find.


Jul 11 2013

Don’t Park Your Jet at VNY


Image lifted from AvWeb.

It looks like Van Nuts has a rat problem. A hood rat problem. People are taking their street art to the skies. That’s so gangster.

Jul 01 2013

Moller Skycar c.1963


Internet-sourced. Origination unknown. No real connection to Moller.