Sep 01 2012

4th Annual Assembly of Aeroncas and Other Flying Machines

I recently received the following message from Jerry Rosie about a grassroots fly-in coming up this month.  If you’re available September 14-16, consider flying in to this event.  After Triple Tree, my schedule is pretty well booked up with house work for the rest of the fly-in season, with the possible exception of local events.  If you go, please send me a link to your pics to share!

“The 4th Annual Assembly of Aeroncas and Other Flying Machines will be held at Shreveport North (62PA) Wellsville, PA on 14-16September 2012.  Shreveport North is a lighted 70×2600 foot well maintained grass strip in rural south central Pennsylvania.  Food, this year, will feature all you can eat Hobo Stew on Friday night.  The food on Saturday will be provided by the Dillsburg American Legion consisting of the traditional hot dogs, burgers and chili for lunch and a secret (to be disclosed later) meal for dinner. Highlighting this year’s event will be a Saturday group fly out to Grimes Airfield and Golden Age Museum, about a 35 minute trip by Aeronca.  The folks at Grimes promise to fly some of their Classic Aircraft for us, and an Aviation Flea Market will be in progress for those of you with some extra change in your pockets. As usual, under the wing camping at Shreveport North is encourage($15 per night) or, for those desriring a bit more comfort, the bunkhouse will be available at $25 per night (bring your own towels).

Contact Jerry Rosie 717-243-7923 for more info.”

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