Oct 15 2012

Another Flight School Added! WEF 1210160035

Silver Wings Flying CompanyLast week, we added two schools.  One with a Citabria, and another with a Cub, Taylorcraft, and Stinson.  Up this week is a school with a Cub and a….  ***drumroll*** …Stearman!

Go check out Silver Wings Flying Company, and tell ’em Taildraggers, Inc. sent you.

Link: Silver Wings Flying Company, LLC

As always, if you’re a CFI who practices the dark art of taildraggin’, or run a flight school with a proper airplane on the line, let us know about what you’re doing so we can add you to the directory, too.  It’s free, and it’s good for your business.  A large majority of the hits we get here are for searches for “tailwheel CFI”.  Might as well get a piece of that action.

Taildraggers, Inc. CFI / Flight School Directory

How to get listed

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