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Oct 16 2014

P3Air Classic

LogoBIG P3Air Classic
Instructor: Alexei Tsekoun, Chief Instructor
Location: Compton/Woodley Airport, Compton, CA (KCPM)
Telephone: (800) 201-8301
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Aircraft: 1948 Stinson 108-3 and Piper Super Cub (coming soon)

Sinson_Rental_Vintage_AircraftRental Rates: Regular and block rates available, please see website

Instruction Rates: Regular and block rates available, please see website

Solo Rentals Available: Yes

Additional Information: P3air Classic is an exclusive, tailwheel-only flight school.  We specialize in vintage aircraft, affording you the rare opportunity to fly a piece of history – including solo!  We offer tailwheel endorsements, bush flying instruction, and our unique banner tow academy.  We will sharpen your stick and rudder skills, and make you a better pilot – a Pilot Plus.

Jan 03 2014

Ron Rapp, CFI

learntoflyhere150x150Ron Rapp, CFI
Instructor: Ron Rapp
Location: John Wayne-Orange County Airport, Santa Ana, CA (KSNA)
Telephone: (714) 743-0360
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Instruction Rates: $65/hr

Additional Information: I’ve got 1000 hours of tailwheel dual given, 7000 hours total time, and about 2500 as an instructor.  I own a Pitts S-2B and have taught in the Citabria, Decathlon, Pitts, Extra, Stearman, Waco, TravelAir, Eagle, Stinson, Cub, T-6, all tailwheel RVs, and many others.  One thing that makes me a little different from other instructors is that I worked at a place where we would check people out for SOLO rental privileges in the Extra 300 and Pitts S-2B to recreational and all levels of competitive aerobatics.  I’m also a National level judge and an Advanced level competitor.  I teach formation flying and upset recovery training as well.

Jun 21 2013

Fallbrook Air Service, Inc.

fallbrook_champFallbrook Air Service Inc.
Instructor: Several Instructors
Location: Fallbrook Community Airpark, Fallbrook, CA (L18)
Telephone: (760) 728-1231
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Aircraft: Aeronca Champ (7AC) , Cessna 150, Cessna 172

Rental Rates: Champ $69/hr, Cessna 150 $89/hr, Cessna 172 $129/hr

Instruction Rates: $40/hr VFR, $50/hr IFR

Solo Rentals Available: Yes

Additional Information: FBO at same location for over 45 years!!!  Race Record holder at Reno National Air Races!  FBO BBQ almost every Sat.

Jun 06 2013

Lompoc Flight Service

lompocLompoc Flight Service
Instructor: James MacGregor
Location: Lompoc Airport, Lompoc, CA (KLPC)
Telephone: (805) 364-2714
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Aircraft: Grumman AA-1A, Stinson 108-1 Voyager

Rental Rates: $63/hr dry

Instruction Rates: $50/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Yes Grumman, No Stinson

Additional Information: Gold seal, AG training, seaplane training, mountain training, instrument, CPL, high performance and complex available.

May 01 2013

CP Aviation, Inc.

learntoflyhere150x150CP Aviation, Inc.
Instructor: Darin M. Moody
Location: Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, CA (KSZP)
Telephone: (805) 217-5979
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Aircraft: Citabria, Decathlon

Instruction Rates: $50-$60/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Yes

Additional Information:  Certified Flight Instructor, CFII, MEI Specializing in: Glass Cockpit/TAA, Tailwheel, Spin Training, Upset Attitude Recovery, Competition Aerobatics/Coaching. I have extensive experience in all variants of American Champion and Great Lakes aircraft.

Jan 21 2013


Marco CaflischPardicAir
Instructor: Marco Caflisch
Location: Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County, Palo Alto, CA (KPAO)
Telephone: (650) 353-1168
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Aircraft: 7GCAA or student-furnished airplane

Rental Rates: 7GCAA = $134/hr

Instruction Rates: $60/hr flight and ground

Solo Rentals Available: Yes

Additional Information: My mission is to train safe, skillful and professionally-minded tailwheel pilots by providing individually tailored, high quality, fun flight instruction. With experience in dozens of different types of taildraggers, from J-3 Cubs to Extra 300Ls to Stearmans, I offer training for initial tailwheel endorsements, tailwheel flight reviews (BFRs), spin/unusual attitude recovery, aerobatics, as well as intro tailwheel flights for pilots just looking for a taste of something different to add to their log books! I am also available to work with owners on model-specific tailwheel checkouts or refresher training in their own aircraft. Please visit my website at for more information. Happy landings! – Marco Caflisch

Aug 08 2012

Skyhoppers Aerial Adventures

learntoflyhere150x150Skyhoppers Aerial Adventures
Instructor: Andrew Dilworth
Location: Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA (KRHV)
Telephone: (800) 515-4225
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Aircraft: Cessna 180K Skywagon II, 230hp.

Rental Rates: $190/hr

Instruction Rates: $85/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Accompanied flights available for per diem only, for qualifying pilots.

Additional Information: Andrew Dilworth of SkyHoppers Aerial Adventures is a career CFI operating the only Cessna 180 for dual instruction and accompanied long-distance flights in the lower 48 U.S. We also offer private flight training excursions into Baja, the inter-mountain west, and the Caribbean.

Aug 08 2012

Fly The Wing

garrywingFly The Wing Flight Training
Instructor: Garry Wing
Location: Gillespie Field Airport, San  Diego / El Cajon, CA (KSEE)
Telephone: (619) 512-3080
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Aircraft: Decathlon 8KCAB

Rental Rates: $125/hr wet

Instruction Rates: $65/hr Flight and Ground

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: 40-years flying experience. Structured syllabus & lesson plans. I include in-flight HD video/audio recording of each flight lesson so you can re-live all the excitement from the comfort of your easy chair.

Aug 08 2012

Anouck Le Bris, CFI

learntoflyhere150x150Anouck Le Bris, CFI
Instructor: Anouck Le Bris
Location: San Luis County Regional Airport, San Luis Obispo, CA (KSBP)
Telephone: (831) 524-0644
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Additional Information: Learn to fly in France in old biplane and low wings tailwheel aircraft.  Became an instructor in the U.S. and taught primary training in tailwheel aircraft for four years (Citabria, Decathlon, Cessna 180, TravelAir 4000, Cessna195) before heading to other jobs.  Currently flying an Airtanker in fire suppression missions for the State of California.  Love taildraggers, and always looking forward to fly them.

Aug 08 2012

Ann Elsbach, Travelling CFI

learntoflyhere150x150Ann Elsbach, Travelling CFI
Instructor: Ann Elsbach
Location: Murray Field Airport, Eureka, CA (KEKA), and Palo Alto Airport, Palo Alto, CA (KPAO)
Telephone: (650) 868-5773
Email: Click Here to Send a Message
Website: and

Instruction Rates: Packages available

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: I fly anywhere in the US to work with tailwheel transition students. I have been a CFI for 35 years and have 12,000 hours total time, the majority in tailwheel airplanes. I have flown 45 different models of taildraggers.  One of my specialties over the years has been to work with folks who have a fear of flying, or shall we say are less than comfortable in an airplane. I have also worked with those who saw themselves as taking more time learning than most. I am a very patient instructor who has a contagious love for flying, especially in tailwheel aircraft.

Aug 08 2012

Aerodynamic Aviation

learntoflyhere150x150Aerodynamic Aviation
Instructor: Rich Digrazzi
Location: Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA (KRHV)
Telephone: (650) 207-6488
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Aircraft: Citabria (7ECA and 7KCAB), Super Decathlon, Cessna 170, Taylorcraft L2, Aeronca Champ, Zlin Savage Cub

Rental Rates: $68 to $129 depending on aircraft

Instruction Rates: $50 per hour

Solo Rentals Available: Yes

Additional Information: I am an ATP rated pilot with CFI, CFII, MEI, Glider CFI. I have given over 1500 hours of instruction, with around 900 in tailwheel aircraft. I have taught basic and advanced aerobatics, plus unusual attitude and emergency upset recovery training. I would be happy to speak to you about learning to fly these classic aircraft, or adding a tailwheel endorsement if you are already a licensed pilot.