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Jan 20 2014

Votaw Aviation

votawVotaw Aviation
Instructor: Diana Votaw
Location: Sparta Community Airport – Hunter Field, Sparta, IL (KSAR)
Telephone: (314) 537-7381
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Aircraft: CubCrafters Sport Cub

Rental Rates: $165.00/hour all inclusive

Instruction Rates: $60/hr – your airplane

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: Sparta Airport is ideally suited for tailwheel training. It has intersecting grass runways making for more days with gentle or no cross winds. The runways are well maintained and grass is more forgiving of the new student than hard surface. The CubCrafters Sport Cub is a new version of an old favorite. It is an excellent training platform. It is easy to fly, provides excellent feedback, can be flown with the windows open for that real invigorating flying experience and has a very slow landing speed making your time on the ground easier to manage.

Jan 20 2014

Allmond Aviation, LLC

learntoflyhere150x150Allmond Aviation, LLC
Instructors: Adama and Renae Allmond
Location: Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport, Peoria, IL (3MY)
Telephone: (309) 258-1459
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Aircraft: Aeronca 7AC Champ

Rental Rates: $69/hr wet

Instruction Rates: $30/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Yes

Additional Information: Over 7,000 hour combined experience. The Champ is perfect for light sport or just a simple tailwheel endorsement. We do this full time so there is no problem finding a schedule that works for you.

Dec 04 2012

Gary W. Babcock, Independent CFI

learntoflyhere150x150Gary W. Babcock, Independent CFI
Instructor: Gary W. Babcock
Location: Ingersoll Airport, Canton, IL (KCTK)
Telephone: (309) 357-0323
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Aircraft: Between Tailwheel aircraft at this time. Looking for another Super Decathlon

Instruction Rates: $40/hr

Additional Information: 30 year military aviation career, retired 7/2012 from IL ANG, A&P, Flight Engineer, ATP, CFI-AI, with mountain instruction experience, Sportsman level acro, and last several years contract flying in Afghanistan.