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Aug 28 2014

Jim Frederick, CFI

learntoflyhere150x150Instructor: Jim Frederick
Location: Numerous Airports, Columbus, OH (KSGH, I74, KUYF, etc.)
Telephone: (937) 631-2763
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Instruction Rates: $35/hr

Additional Information: 48 years pilot experience – CFI since 1971 with experience in numerous types including Cub, Champ, Cessna 140/170, Citabria, Decathlon, and others.  Usually instruct from SGH, I74, UYF, and other surrounding airports.  Will do tailwheel endorsements, flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks.

Jan 20 2014

Bad Attitude Aviator Training Company

footer_logoBad Attitude Aviator Training Company
Instructors: John Dye, Bill Shugart, Tyler Kahn
Location: Salem Airpark, Salem, OH (38D)
Telephone: (216) 832-4733 or (330) 332-4400
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Aircraft: 7ECA Citabria, 8KCAB Super Decathlon, Extra 200

Rental Rates: 7ECA $130/hr, 8KCAB $160/hr

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: John Dye – Master Aerobatic Instructor, CFIAMEI, ATP, Designated Pilot Examiner CLE-25, 25,000+ hours.  Bill Shugart – Master, Gold Seal CFIAMEI, AGI, ATP, 9,000+ hours.  Tyler Kahn – CFI-Aerobatic, CFIAMEI, Part 141 Check-Airman Kent State University.  Courses Offerered:  Tailwheel, Spin, Aircraft Upset Recovery and Basic Aerobatics – Spin, Loop, Roll

Feb 28 2013

Red Stewart Aircraft Services

Red Stewart Aircraft Services
Location: Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, OH (40I)
Telephone: (513) 897-7717

Aircraft: Piper Cub, Aeronca Champ, Citabria, C-172, C-150, others.

Rental Rates: $66/hr for the Cub.

Instruction Rates: $30/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Yes, but with restrictions: 10KT Wind Limit and no landings except at 40I. Their tricycle planes are not subject to these restrictions.

Additional Information: The CFIs are highly experienced. Aerobatic and glider training is available. All Cincinnati-area CFIs get their spin training here.

Taildraggers, Inc. Editorial Note:  Be sure to “Like” Red Stewart Airfield on Facebook.  They have some great content on Facebook.  Link:

Aug 13 2012

SticknRudder, LLC

learntoflyhere150x150SticknRudder, LLC
Instructor: Nick Lather
Location: Ohio University Airport-Snyder Field, Athens, OH (KUNI)
Telephone: (740) 707-3578
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Instruction Rates: $50/hr

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: CFII that loves tail wheel training. 5,500hr corporate pilot that prefers fabric!