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Nov 13 2014

Advanced Tailwheel Training, LLC.

rondillardAdvanced Tailwheel Training, LLC.
Instructor: Ron Dillard
Location: Lebanon Municipal Airport, Lebanon, TN (M54)
Telephone: (636) 236-5142
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Bellanca Citabria 7ECA

Rental Rates: $170/hr Dual

Instruction Rates: $80/hr Ground

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: Please visit our website’s “About Us” page for complete details.

Nov 01 2012

Bellanca 14-13 Aviation

Bellanca 14-13 Aviation
Instructor: Enrique A. Troconis
Location: Lovell Field Airport, Chattanooga, TN (KCHA)
Telephone: (706) 398-3761
Email: Click Here to Send a Message

Aircraft: Bellanca 14-13

Rental Rates: $75/hr dry w/instructor

Instruction Rates: $45/hr

Solo Rentals Available: Possible.

Additional Information: I started flying hangliders, moved to single engines, went back to hang gliders and instructed for several years, bought a Bellanca Super Viking and got SEL Commercial/Instruments and CFI.  Also got a skydiver license…    Started towing hangliders and gliders and I’ve built a boatload of TG hours towing.  Got MEL Commercial/Instruments. Instructed in Alaska for 6 months.  I am an excellent instructor (or so I am told).