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Posts about the construction of a Quickie Q1. This project is currently in storage until I complete restoration of the Baby Ace.

Apr 04 2015

Bye Bye Little Quickie

q1My Q1 project has a new owner. Cody Austin will be getting her flying from his home and hangar in Ohio. Cody also mentioned he has a previously flying Q1 and two Q2 projects/kits that will be for sale soon. If you are looking for a really hard to find project, Cody is your man!

Time to get back to work on the Baby Ace.


Jan 30 2015

Updated Quickie Pics

***UPDATE 4/3/15 -The Quickie project is SOLD!!!***

Pictures of the some of the QAC parts included in the Quickie project for sale.

Dec 29 2014

Quickie Q1 Project For Sale

***UPDATE 4/3/15 -The Quickie project is SOLD!!!***

I have decided to put my Quickie project up for sale. It’s been in storage since I bought it, and considering the snails pace that I’m moving on the Baby Ace, I don’t think the Q1 will be getting any attention for years to come. I’d rather see it go to a new home than to languish in storage.

In addition to the original post here, I can add the following information about the project:

The builder did an excellent job, in my opinion. Everything is nice and straight; rear wing, fuselage, ailerons, rudder, etc. I have several large blocks of foam and two rolls of fiberglass. The project included instruments when I purchased it, but I am keeping those for my Baby Ace project.

The big appeal of this project to a Q1 builder is the original LS1 spars. The current price for these spars is $1800 each (

Between the spars, the original QAC manufactured fittings, canopy, and engine, I think $5000 is a fair price. Many of these parts have become nearly impossible to find.

I do not have plans for the airplane, but they are available from the Quickie Builder’s Association. (

I hope that helps to give an idea of the project. I have really debated keeping this, but I feel that the airplane deserves to be built and flown, not sit in storage.

Oct 20 2013

Q1 Moving Day

20131020-195747.jpg***UPDATE 4/3/15 -The Quickie project is SOLD!!!***

My brother was nice enough to help me move the Q1 project from storage out to the “airplane shed” this afternoon. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with this airplane. I bounce back and forth between keep it and sell it on an almost daily basis. It’s a really cool airplane, but it’s not high on my list of “wants”. I might just continue to store it until I get around to finishing it.

Feb 04 2013

I Bought Another Project

What a Quickie is supposed to look like. This one has a Rotax 503(?) for power instead of the original Onan.

***UPDATE 4/3/15 -The Quickie project is SOLD!!!***

Sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up.  Such was the case with my latest acquisition.

I search Craigslist pretty much every day looking for anything aviation related for sale.  I’m hooked.  Last week I saw a post for a “Quickie Sport Plane” and gave it a click.  I really expected the post was for an R/C model, not a full scale Quickie.  Quickies are pretty rare, and finding one locally on Craigslist just didn’t seem likely.  I shot an email to the poster and was told that it was, indeed, a full scale airplane project, and no, the price wasn’t a misprint.  So I bought it.  Simple as that.

As you may very well know, I already have an aircraft project.  My Baby Ace is resting comfortably in the garage while I prepare to recover/restore it.  That’s my primary focus, and will remain that way until it’s complete.  The Quickie is safely stored up in the rafters of a friend’s shop, and will stay stored away until the Ace is done.

The Quickie was started back in 1981 by Steve Webster.  He built a good portion of the fuselage and rear wing before stopping work in about 1984.  The Quickie was stored in the his garage and attic until I bought it in 2013.  Let’s just round it off to 30 years of hibernation.

Included in the purchase were the original Onan 18hp engine, instruments, foam and fiberglass for the remaining parts, wheels, tires, prop, etc.  Pretty much everything needed to complete the airplane with the exception of resin and finishing materials.

Pics of my Quickie project have been posted on my Instagram page.

I’ve started a page for Quickie updates, but don’t expect there to be many posts for a while.  I’ve got a pretty full plate with the Baby Ace.