Mar 31 2014

Dents are Bad, mmmkay?

20140331-192457.jpgI will check the 43.13, but I’m going to assume these two tubes will need to be replaced. This is a bummer, but not completely unexpected at this point. I already need to ADD two diagonals that were not installed when the plane was built, so replacing a couple of damaged tubes isn’t really that much more of a headache.

20140331-192508.jpgThe dented tubes are at the firewall station. One is the upright between the longerons on the left side of the fuselage, the other is a diagonal that goes to the center of the horizontal tube that connects the lower longerons. The dents are on the front of the tubes, the pictures were taken looking aft.

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  1. Dan Johnson

    I’m going to email you some illustrations for tubing repairs from a nice textbook I have. It shows simple patch repairs for this type of damage that would be a lot less painful.

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