Dec 25 2012

Free Airplane Plans!

Do what?!

You read that right, friends.  Team Mini-Max is giving away free digital downloads of the complete plans to build any one of their Mini-Max line of ultralights and Light Sport Aircraft.  Fill out the form and get your free plans!

I’m getting the Hi-Max plans.  I’ve always admired the simplicity and longevity of the Mini-Max line.  My first exposure to the Mini-Max was a small ad in the AMA magazine about twenty years ago.  Makes me feel like I’m getting old to think of it that way.

Here’s the text from the Team Mini-Max website:

” At Team Mini-Max we know the current economic climate is really putting a strain on many households. That’s why we’ve decided to give our plans away for free. By offering them at no cost we hope many more pilots and potential pilots will be able to achieve their dream to fly!

When you see the quality and detail that we’ve put into each sheet, you will know it’s an indicator of the quality of our designs and the kits themselves. So we hope you will come to Team Mini-Max when you’re ready to buy a kit, sub-kit, parts or materials.”

Go get your free plans here: www.teammini-max.com/downloads/

Don’t forget to download the manual!

I highly recommend following Team MiniMax on Facebook. Like many businesses, their Facebook page is often the most active resource for up to date information. Lots of activity on Facebook.

If you want to learn more about the Mini-Max line from other builders and pilots, check out the East Tennessee Lonesome Buzzards forum.  Click HERE to go THERE…

The Hi-Max featured above is shown as owned by Homer Webb, High School Principal and associate at the Cold War Museum in Texas.  More pics HERE.




  1. Adam

    Looking for a taildragger design. First time

    1. Whiskey Bravo


      The Mini-MAX designs have been around for a long time and are well respected. If you’re on Facebook, they have an active social media presence there.


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