EXPERIMENTAL The door on my Baby Ace. #babyace #experimentalairplane #eaa #taildragger


The door on my Baby Ace. #babyace #experimentalairplane #eaa #taildragger

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  1. Dan

    The builder’s wife worked as a sign painter for many years. She financed much of her flight training with her paintbrush. She is an excellent pilot and instructor also. I have seen and heard many different places where her painting skills were put to good use. Everything from lettering the windows of cars at the dealership, painting the backboards for new basketball equipment, to nose art. Most likely, this was done by hand with her brush. I had an artist do the framing of the C&D aeroworks logo and he commented that whoever painted the calligraphy is very talented and he is very right. Lots of small parts on that little ace, and most have a story to tell.

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