Jan 27 2014

January 27, 2014

20140127-080250.jpgThis is my Baby Ace, N173DP. This picture was shared with me by a friend of the builder. The date is unknown, but I’d assume sometime in the early ’90’s.

With some work on my part, I’ll have this Ace back in the air in a couple of years. Some people could do it a lot faster, but what’s the rush. I’m enjoying this.

For those of you following my progress here on the website, I promise there will be more posts come spring. I have a few cans of zinc chromate ready to do some cleaning, sanding, and painting. I’m just waiting on warmer weather.

I have pulled the engine from the airplane to put into storage until I’m ready to go through it. I picked up some desiccant plugs for it to keep the moisture at bay.

The next step is to finish removing everything from the fuselage that isn’t welded in place. It feels like I’m moving backwards, but I know the effort will be rewarded in the end.

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