Dec 03 2013

Jet Waco Revisited

20131203-060629.jpgWhile I’m excited to see this concept renewed, I can’t help but think it should have been left to the Franklin family to be the ones to bring another jet Waco to the airshow circuit. That said, for all I know they’ve given John Klatt their full support on this project.

I met John at a dinner at Oshkosh one year. Seemed like a nice enough guy. I hope this latest adventure is a success for him.


Press Release:

John Klatt Airshows

Tonight, during the opening session of the 2013 ICAS Convention, we unveiled “The Screamin’ Sasquatch” Jack Link’s Jet Waco – a highly modified 1929 Taperwing Waco, powered by a Pratt & Whitney 985 Radial Engine and a CJ610 Jet Engine. These dual power-plants will provide over 4,500 lbs. of thrust. Enough to rocket the Screamin’ Sasquatch straight up, into max speed vertical climbs!

Building this airplane over the past year has been a labor of love for Team Klatt, and has required the collaboration of many others. Perhaps the most important collaborator is a person who’s memory still lives vividly in our minds and hearts – Jimmy Franklin.

So many of us have been mesmerized by the Jet Waco concept, ever since Jimmy first conceived of it, built it, and then flew it in ways that left us in absolute awe. He first debuted the Jet Waco in 1999, and quickly made it one of the air show world’s most popular acts of all time. 15 years later, during the 2014 air show season, we are so immensely proud to be bringing the world its second Jet Waco. If our performances can deliver a fraction of the impact that Jimmy Franklin’s did, they will be a success.

The Screamin’ Sasquatch is sponsored by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, a company who’s story is testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of America. Starting in a small town in Northern Wisconsin, the Link family has grown their business into the world’s leading producer of meat snacks by focusing on high quality products, hard work and innovative marketing. Their “Messin’ with Sasquatch” commercials have become iconic, and convey the “Feed Your Wild Side” spirit of the Jack Link’s brand.

The Jet Waco is one wild, untamed airplane, and a perfect fit with Jack Link’s. During its 2014 air show appearances, the Screamin’ Sasquatch will be accompanied by Jack Link’s “Wild Side” trucks, which will provide air show fans a fun and engaging experience, most importantly including the opportunity to sample Jack Link’s delicious Beef Jerky!

Meet the Screamin’ Sasquatch – Jack Link’s Jet Waco! Get ready to Feed Your Wild Side!

(Photo © 2013 Scott Russell) — in Las Vegas, NV.
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