Oct 16 2014

Lanier Flight Center

imageLanier Flight Center
Instructor: David Gazda
Location: Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport, Gainesville, GA (KGVL) and Dekalb-Peachtree Airport, Atlanta, GA (KPDK)
Telephone: (678) 989-2395
Email: Click Here to Send a Message
Website: www.lanierflightcenter.com

Aircraft: Cessna A152 Aerobat taildragger with Sparrowhawk high hp engine

Rental Rates: Please see website

Instruction Rates: Please see website

Solo Rentals Available: No

Additional Information: Captain Gazda is multi-certified up to ATP. Placed 3rd in aerobatics championship in 2007. The side by side seating in our aircraft allows both pilots to monitor each other’s actions, etc. Much preferred to front/back seating which inhibits training effectiveness by removing sight picture of instructor/student.