Jan 25 2014

Luscombe Model 10

Add this one to my list of “airplanes I want to build”. I can see taking an abandoned Silvaire and converting it to a homebuilt “Model 10”. It may not be an exact replica, but close enough to capture the spirit of the original. It would sure cause a stir on the fly-in scene!

imageThe following is copied directly from Wikipedia:

20140125-065549.jpg“The Luscombe 10 was a single-seat sport aircraft built in the United States in 1945. It was a conventional, low-wing cantilever monoplane with fixed, tailwheel undercarriage and designed for aerobatics. The wings, tail unit, and engine section were all adapted from the Luscombe 8, while the fuselage centre section was an all-new design, relocating the Model 8’s wings from a high to low position.

Despite promising results from flight testing, Luscombe ultimately felt that there was not a sufficient market for the type, and development was halted almost immediately. The sole prototype (registration NX-33337) was destroyed in 1948 for tax reasons.”

Additional insight from Darrell Graves’ The Golden Age of Aviation website:

20140125-065646.jpg“The Luscombe Model 10 was an attempt to build an all new post WW II light airplane. The Model 10 was a slightly revised Model 8 Silvaire with the wing being moved from top to bottom and a single cockpit replacing the two seat cabin. Naturally this modification was not that simple, the wing had to be redesigned into a full cantilever type, however, a fundemental requirement throughout the design was that as many standard Silvaire parts and assemblies would be used as possible. The fuselage was the same except for the center portion which was rounded at the top to provide for the single cockpit, the tail surfaces were made on the Silvaire jigs but were cut off to provide a reduction in area. The wings were Silvaire wings using Silvaire ribs, but a new spar was designed to take the loads that were normally supported with struts. The structure was all metal with the exception of fabric covered wing panels.

20140125-065336.jpgThe job of designing and building the model 10 was accomplished in less than six months. It was the work of Mishcha Kantor, Luscombe engineer, who supervised the entire project from start to finish. He worked with the avowed intention of creating the fastest single seat light plane in the 65 hp class and carefully supervised the design of a buble canopy for the cockpit, generous wing fillets and large fairings over the landing gear struts.”

Span: 25 ft
Length: 17 ft.
Empty Weight: 845 lbs
Engine: 65 hp

Cruising speed: 122 mph
Max speed: 135 mph
Manufactured by Luscombe

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