Aug 08 2012

Mong Sport Biplane

20120808-094816.jpgI sent the check out to Ed Fisher at Raceair Designs this week for a set of Mong Sport plans. I can’t say I’ll build one, but the version pictured here sure is pretty. This is N98L “Mongrel” as built by Ed. It has a longer fuselage than the original plans show, and is powered by a Continental A-65. Sounds good to me.

I showed the picture to my four year old, and she said she didn’t like it.  When I asked her why, she said, “It only has one seat.  Where will I sit?”.

If you have experience with the Mong design, or any insights into performance and handling, I’d like to hear from you. Feel free to respond in the comments box below.



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  1. Tom Wottreng

    I own 98L. It is a blast to fly! I took off the 65 and installed an O-200. It gets lots of attention where ever I take it.

    1. Whiskey Bravo


      I’ve been talking to Ed Fisher about Mongs quite a bit lately. I’m hoping to start a Mong project in the near future.

      If you ever decide to sell N98L, let me know!!!


  2. Dave Drane

    If you are still looking to or purchase a Mong Sport I have one for sale Cell # 909-8257630 in calif. Thanks

    1. Dave Red

      Hi Dave,…I’m also a Dave..

      I’m doing some preliminary research on the Mong Sport and I stumbled across your post on Taildraggers Inc.

      The question which I have the most interest in is: In your opinion,… what would be a realistic set of figures,when asked for the landing speed,…the landing distance and the takeoff runway requirement for the Mong sport at gross and then at full fuel with a 185 lb pilot,…no wind and a grass strip (Mowed short) at 320 feet of elevation.. and 60 degrees on the temp.??

      I don’t know which engine your plane has/had in it but,…If I’m not asking for just too much,…could you expand your answer to include your thoughts on an 0-200 and an A-65 Continental engine..?

      Thank you very kindly for your time,in answering this rather long winded question..

      Dave in Oregon…

      1. Whiskey Bravo

        Hello, Dave in Oregon!

        I’d recommend contacting Ed Fisher for more information on Mong performance. His website, http://www.raceairdesigns.com no longer shows the Mong, but he is very knowledgeable about the design, it’s history, and performance.

        Here is his contact info, copied directly from his website:


        Raceair Designs
        Ed Fisher
        361 Whiteplains Place
        Gilbert, SC 29054





        I hope to hear of you starting a Mong project of your own soon!


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