Aug 04 2014

NPRM To Define Hangar Use Policy

As privately owned (and funded) airports close, and municipally owned airports become the only options available for public use, we will see a continued decline in affordable general aviation facilities, training, and fuel resources. As soon as an airport accepts government funding for improvements, they must abide by the rules set forth by the FAA, good and bad.

Below is a quote from a NPRM from the FAA regarding approved use of hangars. This might not affect you, but it will affect thousands of homebuilders across the country.

“While building an aircraft results in an aeronautical product, the FAA has not found all stages of the building process to be aeronautical for purposes of hangar use. A large part of theconstruction process can be and often is conducted off-airport. Only when the various components are assembled into a final functioning aircraft is access to the airfield necessary.”


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