It's So Old!

But it still smells fresh.

WEF 1001281601
With all this old stuff sticking around, you have to wonder how we keep it smelling so fresh.  Ha!  I've got quite the secret up my sleeve.

You see, my wonderful wife makes candles.  Not just any candles, but soy candles.  Highly scented, and at a price anybody can afford.  Even me.

So, cruise on over to Skyline Candle Company, and pick yourself up a candle or twelve.  I recommend the Waterfall Mist.  Smells so good.  Way better than all these moldy old headlines.

FMI: Skyline Candle Co.

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Eric Minnis in "Amelia", a Clipped-Wing Taylorcraft.  The signs in the window beat it all.  Well done, Eric.
Well done.
WEF 1111010008

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Votaw AviationNew CFI's Added 1108082044

    Votaw Aviation
        Instructor: Diana Votaw
        Location: Sparta Community Airport
                       Hunter Field, Sparta, IL (KSAR)
        Telephone: (314) 537-7381
        Email: Click Here to Send a Message
        Aircraft: CubCrafters Sport Cub
        Rental Rates: $165.00/hour all inclusive
        Instruction Rates: $60/hr - your airplane
        Solo Rentals Available: No
        Additional Information: Sparta Airport is ideally suited for tailwheel training. It has intersecting grass
        runways making for more days with gentle or no cross winds. The runways are well maintained and grass
        is more forgiving of the new student than hard surface. The CubCrafters Sport Cub is a new version of an
        old favorite. It is an excellent training platform. It is easy to fly, provides excellent feedback, can be
        flown with the windows open for that real invigorating flying experience and has a very slow landing speed
        making your time on the ground easier to manage.

Skyhoppers Aerial Adventures    Skyhoppers Aerial Adventures
        Instructor: Andrew Dilworth
        Location: Reid-Hillview Airport of
        Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA (KRHV)
        Telephone: (800) 515-4225
        Email: Click Here to Send a Message
        Aircraft: Cessna 180K Skywagon II, 230hp.
        Rental Rates: $190/hr
        Instruction Rates: $85/hr
        Solo Rentals Available: Accompanied flights
        available for per diem only, for qualifying pilots.
        Additional Information: Andrew Dilworth of SkyHoppers Aerial Adventures is a career CFI operating the
        only Cessna 180 for dual instruction and accompanied long-distance flights in the lower 48 U.S. We also
        offer private flight training excursions into Baja, the inter-mountain west, and the Caribbean.

If you operate a flight school, or offer training in tailwheel aircraft, please let us know.  We would love to add your information to our CFI / Flight School page.  It's getting harder and harder to find good tailwheel airplanes to rent, and just as hard to find competent tailwheel CFI's.  Our hope is to connect as many students and renters with as many CFI's and flight schools as possible.  Let's all work together to keep the art of tailwheel flying alive and well!

Visit our CFI / Flight School page for all of our listing, and to learn how to get yourself or your school added.
WEF 1108082044

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The Bosman RV-3The Bosman RV-3 - Back to work again! 4 hrs
Honestly, it took a while to gather the heart to go into the shop and work on the bird. The first time I saw TeamRV fly into KLAL at Sun n Fun, all I wanted to do was go home and remake my VS-307 vertical spar doubler that I messed up a few weeks ago. But the tornado really took a lot out of me. Thinking about my plane just made me think about the images of ruined airplanes that I've been trying hard to forget. Especially Tony Boy II, our friend Tony Spicer's RV-3B. But today it was time to cut some metal. I made a new stab spar doubler, this time measuring the top and rimming the sides before cutting out the lightening wedge. It fits marvelous.

This is my first attempt to post on the blog with my new phone... please excuse any spelling errors, as my Droid thinks its smarter than I am!

-Katie Bosman

The Bosman RV-3 Blog
WEF 11008050130

Promark Aviation  ServicesNew CFI's Added 1108050122

    ProMark Aviation Services
        Instructor: Ken Wittekiend, MCFI & DPE
        Location: Burnet Municipal Airport
                       Burnet, TX (KBMQ)
        Email: Click Here to Send a Message
        Aircraft: Piper PA18 Super Cub (dual only)
                      Remos GX LSA, Cessna 172
        Rental Rates: Super Cub $180/hr Dual
                              Remos $105/hr Dual
                              Cessna 172 $110/hr Dual
        Instruction Rates: $50/hr
        Solo Rentals Available: Yes, in the Cessna and Remos
        Additional Information: Ken Wittekiend is a 3 time Master CFI, Gold Seal instructor, 2009 CFI of the Year
        for the Southwest Region & FAA Designated Pilot Examiner with over 5000 hours of dual given. Tailwheel
        training in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Stock Photo     Anouck Le Bris
        Instructor: Anouck Le Bris
        Location: San Luis County Regional Airport
                       San Luis Obispo, CA (KSBP)
        Telephone: (831) 524-0644
        Email: Click Here to Send a Message
        Additional Information: Learn to fly in France in
        old biplane and low wings tailwheel aircraft. 
        Became an instructor in the U.S. and taught
        primary training in tailwheel aircraft for four years
        (Citabria, Decathlon, Cessna 180, TravelAir 4000,
        Cessna195) before heading to other jobs. 
        Currently flying an Airtanker in fire suppression
        missions for the State of California.  Love taildraggers, and always looking forward to fly them.

If you operate a flight school, or offer training in tailwheel aircraft, please let us know.  We would love to add your information to our CFI / Flight School page.  It's getting harder and harder to find good tailwheel airplanes to rent, and just as hard to find competent tailwheel CFI's.  Our hope is to connect as many students and renters with as many CFI's and flight schools as possible.  Let's all work together to keep the art of tailwheel flying alive and well!

Visit our CFI / Flight School page for all of our listing, and to learn how to get yourself or your school added.
WEF 1108050122

Brodhead 2011 :: 36th annual Pietenpol and Hatz Fly-InBrodhead 2011 :: 36th Annual Pietenpol and Hatz Fly-In July 22-24, 2011

The Brodhead Pietenpol Association and EAA Chapter 431 put together the 36th annual Pietenpol and Hatz Fly-In July 22-24, 2011. I was able to stop in for about two hours on my way up to Appleton for the Oshkosh Fly-In. I wasn't able to stay long, but I did take a few pictures while I was there. I wish I had been able to meet some of the people, but I had to get back on the road. I left Front Royal, VA at 4am Saturday morning and drove 14 1/2 hours to get to Brodhead. Next time I'll be sure to stick around longer.

Please click below to see the photographs.

Brodhead 2011
WEF 1107250120

All Star Aviators - Sleeping Dog Productions - Taildraggers, Inc.
Video :: All Star Aviators - Sleeping Dog Productions

No kidding, videos are here.  Forget about your VHS, it's High-Def time.

I don't know anything about Sleeping Dog Productions, but I just watched this video, and now I want to grow a mustache.  I figure that if I'm going to ever be as cool as Hoot Gibson or Bruce Bohannon, I'm gonna need a damn mustache.  Obviously that's the secret.

Hoot was based at Murfreesboro, TN when I was in school there, and I met him a couple of times when he was working on his highly-modified Cassutt pictured above.  He was very kind and courteous to me, and will always hold my respect as a fine ambassador of aviation and aerospace.  Don't forget, he was an astronaut.

Anyway, check out Sleeping Dog Productions' website.  They're putting together some fantastic aviation videos.  In HD.  I'm a little pissed that they don't allow embeds, but I understand.  As for me, I have a mustache to grow...
WEF 1106200033

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The Bosman RV-3The Bosman RV-3 -
“Congratulations! You’ve finished the first major sub-assembly on your new airplane.”
I’ve read that sentence at the end of the Horizontal Stabilizer section in the RV-3 assembly manual probably 100 times since acquiring my kit last summer. Now, it’s finally true. There was a time a few months ago when I wondered if I could even get this far, that maybe an airplane like the RV-12 was more in line with my experience and skill level. But honestly, now that I’ve seen what I can do and I’ve felt the “extra” satisfaction that comes with the large amount of fabrication needed in the -3, I’m glad Van’s original design is my chosen path.

Stop laughing, you can’t tell me you’ve never gone out into the workshop in your pajamas.

In addition to the basic fabrication and finishing of parts like measuring, cutting, filing, drilling, deburring, fluting, cleaning, priming and the like, these are a few new skills I learned or practiced while I built my stab. Items marked with * are things I got an extra hand, extra muscle or extra brain power for from Ben. If he’s in the shop when I am, he’s working on his RV-8’s instrument panel, engine rebuild, or some other task. (That's his -8's vertical stab hanging above the work bench.) The good man that he is, he will begrudgingly come over to my half of the garage if I ask him to help hold a piece while I dimple it, or give me an opinion on my craftsmanship, or hand-squeeze a 1/8” rivet. (I will also do the same for him—equally begrudgingly—except for things involving muscles.) He did spend at least half a day engineering and constructing my jig—most woodworking involving materials bigger than 1/8” square balsa is over my head. :-P Anyway, here’s the list:

Build a Jig*

Clamp skins to frame—After trying Van’s way and hating it, I’m audacious enough to think my way was better. :-)

Plot out rivet hole spacing around flutes, hinges, and other pitfalls. Then drill a straight rivet line.

Match drill framework to skin rivet holes without drilling too close to the edge of a piece.

Set up DRDT-2 with enough pre-load to make a distortion-free dimple. (Thank you VAF!)


Dimple skin with DRDT-2*

Countersink skin in 4 spots to accept rivets

Countersink framework in 12 spots to accept skin dimples

Dimple frame with pneumatic squeezer (bad idea)

Dimple frame with hand squeezer.

Rivet using:

Bucking bar and gun—visual*

Bucking bar and gun—Blind*

Pneumatic squeezer

Hand squeezer (which turned out better than the pneumatic, even with my weak little girl hands)

The Bosman RV-3Difficult Rivets—Interference with structure*
I have several perfectly mis-aligned holes. Meaning, they look wonderful on top of the skin, but are too close to the hinge brackets to be bucked or squeezed properly. We ground down a bucking bar and tried bucking with marginal success. Then ground the squeezer yoke and dies oval-shaped to give them clearance from the hinge brackets with the squeezer. By no means are they perfect, but OK.

Note: When Van says you “may” move the rear spar rivet line slightly aft to make room for the spar doublers, he means you MUST move it aft, and it has to be more than 1/16”!! Especially near the hinge brackets!

Drilled out a few rivets. Surprisingly few. None of the bucked rivets had to be removed; only a few that didn’t squeeze properly.

Now that I have a finished piece of my own on the wall, I can take a break from figuring stuff out and worrying about assembling & riveting, and begin again with some peaceful, brainless fabrication of parts for the Vertical Stab. :-D

-Katie Bosman

The Bosman RV-3 Blog
WEF 1105092014

Jack Cox
Gone West

On Sunday, March 6, 2011, aviation lost a great one.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Jack Cox, but his decades of articles in EAA's Sport Aviation and his own Sportsman Pilot magazines have been inspirational to me in ways words cannot express.  I extend my greatest sympathies to Jack's wife and partner, Golda.  Their names have been interwoven into my conscience since I became aware of the EAA and Sportsman Pilot as a young man.  It's hard for me to imagine aviation without their contributions.

For more information about Jack, his life, accomplishments, and legacy, please visit Sportsman Pilot.
WEF 1105090017

They Never Should Have Changed Their Name

The CAF used to be the Confederate Air Force.  Now they're just the "Commemorative" Air Force...  BOOOOOOORIIIING...  C'mon, guys.  Why did you puss out and change your name?


Whatever.  This video is awesome.  I watched this and thought how lucky we are to live in the age of super high-def video and imagery.  If you've forgotten how bad videos used to be, just go dig out your old VHS player and pop in a tape.  Ugh...
WEF 1105080044

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