Dec 29 2014

Quickie Q1 Project For Sale

***UPDATE 4/3/15 -The Quickie project is SOLD!!!***

I have decided to put my Quickie project up for sale. It’s been in storage since I bought it, and considering the snails pace that I’m moving on the Baby Ace, I don’t think the Q1 will be getting any attention for years to come. I’d rather see it go to a new home than to languish in storage.

In addition to the original post here, I can add the following information about the project:

The builder did an excellent job, in my opinion. Everything is nice and straight; rear wing, fuselage, ailerons, rudder, etc. I have several large blocks of foam and two rolls of fiberglass. The project included instruments when I purchased it, but I am keeping those for my Baby Ace project.

The big appeal of this project to a Q1 builder is the original LS1 spars. The current price for these spars is $1800 each (http://www.quickheads.com/index.php?option=com_ixxocart&Itemid=101&p=product&id=149&parent=4&vendorid=3).

Between the spars, the original QAC manufactured fittings, canopy, and engine, I think $5000 is a fair price. Many of these parts have become nearly impossible to find.

I do not have plans for the airplane, but they are available from the Quickie Builder’s Association. (http://www.quickheads.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=29&Itemid=122)

I hope that helps to give an idea of the project. I have really debated keeping this, but I feel that the airplane deserves to be built and flown, not sit in storage.