May 15 2014

Ryan’s Secret Plan

If you’re on Facebook, please join the group “Taildragger Pilots United”. It is an open group with members around the world. Lots of good sharing of pictures, videos, and information.

The following photo was shared by Ryan Lunde, and I have to admit, I’m quite envious of the success he’s had implementing his “secret plan”. Read it in his own words below.

20140515-060107.jpgCuriously, ever since I started my current flying job two years ago, my company’s hangar has been slowly filling with taildraggers. In fact, it’s now the ratio is about 50-50. Some people say that I keep making my students buy taildraggers and I’ve been told to knock it off. I can’t make anybody do anything, but I take that sentiment to mean that my secret plan of making more competent tailwheel pilots is coming to fruition.

Ryan also has some spectacular photos over at www.championairphotos.com. Be sure to check it out.

Photo credit goes to Ryan, of course.


  1. Ellery Batchelder Jr

    I am flying a 1946 Champ and love it

    1. Whiskey Bravo

      I have not flown a Champ, personally, but have really enjoyed the Citabria and Super Decathlon. Thanks for coding the site, and keep flying that Champ!


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