Apr 13 2013

Strip It Down

20130413-091206.jpgI had another productive day yesterday. I pulled all but the bottom fabric off the fuselage. I also removed the mixture and starter push-pull cables. I don’t need them, and they’re in poor condition. The electric oil pressure and oil temperature gauge has been disconnected, and the voltage regulator has been removed from the firewall.

At this point, the only items still bolted to the firewall are the gascolator, engine mount, and cowl mounts. Everything I don’t need has been removed. I would like to add a cabin heat box, but that’s it.

The next steps for engine systems will be to determine the correct throttle, carb heat, and tach cable routings, followed by the installation of mechanical oil pressure and temperature gauges.

This is a fun and educational project. I’m inspired to be creative and integrate proven ideas from other designs, and yet still follow best practices to ensure a safe aircraft. I spend a lot more time thinking about what to do and how to do it than I actually spend working, but that’s a big part of the fun.

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