Dec 31 2012

Sunquest Aviation, Inc.

Sunquest Aviation, Inc.
Instructors: Joe Brinker, Cory Wallace, Mike Banas
Location: North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport, West Palm Beach, FL (F45)
Telephone: (561) 627-0037
Email: Click Here to Send a Message
Website: www.sunquestaviation.com

Aircraft: PA18-105 solo & dual, Pitts S2A dual only. Other nosedraggers available.

Rental Rates: PA18 – $105/hr wet solo, Pitts $320/hr dual with parachutes included.

Instruction Rates: $55/hr tailwheel instruction, $75/hr aerobatic instruction

Solo Rentals Available: Yes, PA18 and other nosedraggers.

Additional Information: Sunquest’s flight instructors have experience in a wide variety of tailwheel airplanes including vintage and new tailwheel aircraft. Including recreational and competition aerobatics. This long list of experience includes Cubs, Pitts, Extra, Stearman, Waco, Citabria & Decathlon, Great Lakes, Vans RV series, Cessna tailwheels such as the 140, 170, 180 & 195, and many more… We can instruct in your aircraft or one of ours.