Jul 21 2014

Tail On… Temporarily

I put the tail on today in preparation for checking cable runs and interference issues with the rudder and elevator. As seems to always be the case, new problems are found trying to fix old ones. This continues to be a fun and challenging project.


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  1. Mike

    I am excited to see it fly again, it has been a long time, and dad really loved that bird
    …P.S. I was the welder of the plane 😉

    1. Whiskey Bravo


      One day it will fly again!


  2. ryan

    Did you ever meet the new owner of check point charlie

    1. Whiskey Bravo

      No, I have not. I did not go to the Mr. Pickering’s airfield when I bought the plane. I purchased it from a friend of his in WV.


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