Oct 22 2013

The DoubleEnder Project

20131022-073440.jpgDesigned as a quantum leap forward in safety and performance, the DoubleEnder is a bush plane like no other. Aerodynamically, it uses many of the standard tricks we’ve known about for decades, but it’s the focus on safety that really starts to morph what we’re familiar with into the DoubleEnder.

The use to twin Rotax 914 engines gives 260hp of get up and go. It also allows the DoubleEnder to operate on a one engine in the event of a failure. The engine’s centerline, push-pull configuration alleviates many of the issues faced by traditional twins. Hoisting the forward engine high above the pilot allows for almost unlimited forward visibility, something nearly unheard of in a traditional bush plane. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun to me!

I apologize if this is starting to sound like a commercial. The airplane is somewhat of an ugly duckling, in my opinion, but the concepts are pretty exciting. I’d love a chance to fly one.

Check out The DoubleEnder Project website for more details.

Mega hat tip to Shine Aviation for the lead on this one. Dylan shared the link on Shine’s Facebook page first. Even if you’re not currently a customer, I highly recommend following Shine Aviation on Facebook. He regularly posts a lot of interesting content.

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