Dec 16 2012

Vintage Fly-In Photos

Jim Rice is the owner/moderator of the Globe Temco Swift Yahoo! Group, and also has an extensive collection of photos of his experiences growing up in an aviation family.  What caught my eye was his collection of photos from different Antique Airplane Association fly-in’s from the early 1960’s.  Of all the really beautiful airplanes, the one that caught my eye was Mong N353L.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for little biplanes.  Especially legit homebuilts from what I consider to be the heyday of the EAA.

So, I sent a link to the photo to Ed Fisher, SAA President and Mong guru, who provided me with a little insight: “That Mong was originally built in the ‘very’ early 60’s by Jerry Quarton, of Galt, California.  He flew it to the Rockford, Illinois EAA fly in  and was so tired from the flight that he sold it to Carl Woods that week at Rockford.  Bought a bus ticket home, and went right out and built another Mong…..  Carl was from the quad cities area, I think Moline, so it was always around the western Illinois/eastern Iowa fly ins in the sixties.  Then It was sold to a B. Gugelor, who still owns it today.”

Huge thanks go out to Jim Rice for digging out these old photos and putting them on the internet.  Additional huge thanks to Ed Fisher for being a wealth of knowledge on not just Mongs, but so much of the history of the homebuilt “movement”.

FMI:  Jim Rice’s website
The Globe Temco Swift Yahoo! Group
Sport Aviation Association
Ed Fisher’s RaceAir Designs


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